June 23, 2021

26 thoughts on “Canon EOS RP Hands On Overview | 4K

  1. Dustin, your review was practical and great. Getting mine for $999 with adapter included. For this high IQ, resolution of focus issues. working with third party lenses, how great is that! Originally I was going to go APSC mirrorless, but being able to shoot iso 3200 – 12800 with this FF will rock! And they just upgraded the eye focus! Thx again!

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing the RP – I always liked the detailed and unbiased opinion that you share in your videos. I've been meaning to buy the RP however; the recent launch of the EOS 90d had thrown me in a loop. I'm currently using an eos rebel along with EFs glass and wanted to pick your brain on which body upgrade will you advise. I'm a general purpose shooter dwelling in a little bit of everything. If you can do a comparison video and share your opinion apart from the DSLR/mirroless or crop-sensor/full-frame differences, it will really be a great help! Thank you once again.

  3. Favorite practical review yet. Ordered an RP thanks to your review. Followed you on Flickr for years and decided to subscribe today.

  4. I really like that the multi function button is close to the focus button. It is so useful and easy to use. Easier than on dslr!

  5. What is up with all these reviewers pronouncing EOS as E ahss? When I hear it I can't get the visual of a mule vocalizing. Is it a Canon regional thing? Canon USA pronounces it E Oh S. I'm a Canon shooter and just was wondering.

  6. Thank you so much for this review, I love it! I recently bought the Canon EOS RP and I pair it with DSLR lenses like 70-200mm f2.8 L and 100-400mm m2 images are outstanding beyond what I expected. I am pretty happy with its performance. Though RF lenses still expensive. I am excited to see how it works with upcoming RF 70-200mm lens.

  7. 1 million dot 4 inches, pretty big screen then, why are you whingeing? Surprised you can fit it in your house, unless you gave the builders the same sort of measurements…" Yes of course, iI'd like my bath to be 1.2 million dot inches long by 0.8 million dot inches deep!"
    HDMI out….is it clean? these reviews are about 50/50, you do not cover detail! Adapters… what is the control ring, what does it do? and oh boy, you nearly managed to sneak in your review without detailing the crap performance of 4K, you nearly sneaked the biggest problems by the by, Canon must be filling your complimentary hotel suite with whores and booze!

  8. I have the M50 & 80D, and I am leaning towards the RP, for a FF. I would keep the M50 as my Video backup, and shelve the 80D, or sell it. I Like that it has the EF adapter, also.

  9. As always an excellent review. I bought an RP camera and returned it the next day for something that no reviewer is mentioning and I believe is really bad. When mounting any lens with the canon adapter, the AF motor on the lens works constantly and not only when the shutter is pressed. I truly believe that this will wear the motor on the lens way faster. I don't know if it happens the same with the R lenses, but many of us are buying the R cameras so we can use previous canon lenses which work fantastic with the adapter, except for the fact that the moment the camera is on, the AF works all the time.

  10. Dustin, I'm sure you must know this, but your comment on the difficulty of pinching the memory card on the Sony a6500 prompts me to say that if you just push down on the card, it pops partly out, making it easy to grab.

  11. Great unbiased review! I purchased the RP and later the new RF 24-105 mm is f4 L lens and what a great combo that is IMO! I tried using the adapter that came with the kit and the EF 24-105 is II mm f4 L and found it off balanced but worked great in all aspects but as stated seemed unbalance and front heavy on this body but works on the old 6D with battery grip. Canon needs to come out with a battery grip for the RP like they did for the R. Looking forward to the RF 35mm is f1.8 review and will probably pick that lens up also, I hear it is underrated and a sleeper of a lens.

  12. at last Canon they listen and priced their camera correctly…. i hope this is the start of their comeback.. i still have my trinity canon lenses 🙂 .. they're on the right track now 🙂

  13. Firstly, I can't tell you how desperately I was waiting for your review on the RP which as usual is spot on and completely different from most YouTube reviews !!

    In India, Currently the difference between the R and the RP with the 24 105 lens , is about $400 .. At this price point I surely feel going in for the R is better given the slightly better sensor , the slightly better low light auto focus abilities , the Sensor curtain (given the our dusty conditions in our country)

    But when I think about my usage being only for stills, I start thinking again!!!!

    I currently have the 70D with a bunch of EFS lenses and a couple of EF lenses .. if I sell the 70D with the lenses I should get some $600 richer …

    What's your take on this dilemma which most of us are facing

  14. EOS RP only make sense for people already owning Canon lenses. All the new RF lenses Canon plans cost much more than the camera (exept 35 1.8). Nikon have a much better plan for mirrorless FF.

  15. Thanks for making this overview, Dustin. I recently switch jobs into retail (selling cameras), so, while I knew all of the information you had covered, you word things so much more eloquently than I do. I'm not saying that you should be a salesperson, however, I find you to be a great resource not only for information but also presentation skills.

  16. You just made me more confused. I have the 6D and I am looking to upgrade. I shoot events and can't make up my mind. Use 6D and get RP as a second camera for event shooting. Or sell 6D and upgrade directly to the EOS R?

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