August 17, 2022

Canon EOS R – Shooting Motor Sport – Real World Review 5 and 7 fps

5 or 7 fps an issue.? Certainly NOT!!. I am totally blown away with how this camera performed.

So as promised a real world review in my eyes how the Canon EOS R holds up shooting motor sports.

I take the EOS R to the track to test out the frame rates in manual and auto focus modes, using the EF 100-400mm lens. How does it compare to the Fuji XT3?

link to images:

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6 thoughts on “Canon EOS R – Shooting Motor Sport – Real World Review 5 and 7 fps

  1. I don't understand canon why they add 8fps to one shot do they know one shot is for people standing still because if they move around they be out of focus 8fps should be for sports not photoshoots

  2. Hello Christian hoe are you? Like your video, i want to ask i have canon 5d mark iii and nowadays i want to change it but im ao confused, undecided with 5d mark iv or EOS R… im wildlife, landscape and little bir sports photographer but im not sure the 3fps? İs it enough for me not sure, whats your advice for me? Which one i should buy… i have tamron 100-400 and 15-30 lenses and also canon lenses… thank u very much

  3. oooooh a new EOSR Chris, so you bit the bullet and went for it then? I don't think you will regret that move. use Auto ISO buddy, that way you can use what shutter speed and aperture you want and you can just shoot whilst Auto ISO keeps your exposure in check.

  4. I’m no expert on motor sport photography, but your images on Flickr could easily grace any car magazine in my opinion. Well done Chris 👍👍👍

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