October 19, 2021

Canon EOS R Long Term Review – Why I can’t get rid of it

Canon EOS R:
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I’ve been using the Canon EOS R for about 7 months. This is my long-term review of the camera. Overall, the camera runs a lot smoother, and it does everything I need it to do. But it’s a hard camera to love. So why can’t I get rid of it?

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35 thoughts on “Canon EOS R Long Term Review – Why I can’t get rid of it

  1. Hello, this is my first time seeing your blog as I have been researching the EOS R recently. This is a good honest review, thanks. Do you or any of your readers know how well it works with Tamron G2 series lenses? I recently purchased two Tamron G2 f/2.8 lenses but never considered there may be compatibility issues with the EOS R. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

  2. Stop buying cameras from Sony fanboy quoting other Sony fanboys (who constantly ignores Canon’s video camera lineup for serious video production) and start taking some photos. Sony is very good at selling cameras on paper. Canons sell by delivering awesome pictures and videos.

  3. Thats the trend of most products of the big players on the market. Lot of crying babies and finaly the product is good to great and has its reason to exist.

  4. Here's the FACTS..If you buy the Canon EOS R,you will get great images,as you would with MOST cameras in it's price range.For the money though,which brings it into the Nikon D850,Canon MK4 ,etc,range,it dropped the ball.It's like getting a Lexus with roll up windows,because it came with STANDARD features missing.I looked at it hard,and wanted to but it's crippled,yet the same price range as a professional camera.It's a $20 hamburger,pair of socks,and in the right hands,it feels good,yet being new,it should have offered more.Canon had IBIS on a sub $500 camera back around 2009,so there's just no logical excuses for not including it.If they come out with at lEAST standard and up to date features,i will probably get one.It's a great second camera though,i'm sure…

  5. The Canon EOS R – the camera everyone hates to love…but they all eventually fall in love with it anyways. lol
    That's staying power. Canon delivers once again…

  6. I am interested in the R because I want to use a variety of vintage lenses via an adapter, especially Canon FD lenses without the infinity glass; I believe the character you like is more easily achieved by older good glass so you can mix it up. I also want the focus peaking with a manual focus. Have you tried FD lenses on this camera?

  7. Nice well balanced review – thank you. I've heard that another firmware is due out later this month which should improve eye AF – not to Sony standards but the Canon (USA) demo clip I saw looked promising. Thanks again.

  8. I have the 80D, and for me, it does everything I need or want, but I am older, so I am looking into a smaller lighter CANON.

  9. 2019 has not been too kind to me and my Canon cameras. I switched to an EOS R around end of January and sold my 5D Mk3. I wanted something new and exciting as I knew the 5D Mk3 very well and it had become boring. For a few months I am using it fine and in the middle of a model shoot around end of May, the camera just won't turn on after a bettery swap. I tried everything and it managed to turn on the next day and it jammed again after that. I sent it in to Canon and they changed the mainboard. It was the first unit to have this problem in my country according to the Canon guys. After it came back, it seems to be working as usual. The only thing I don't really like about this camera is the continuous shooting. DSLRs are just better at that. The R likes to show you the picture you have taken and it slows you down. Focusing and hit rate is far better than the 5D Mk3. 3 weeks ago my 70D jammed and won't go into live view or video recording. I had to send it to Canon and they replaced 3 boards. It came back feeling like a new camera but I had to pay $300 for the repairs.

  10. Great review. As a fashion photographer I get beautiful images from my 6DII but since we also shoot allot of runway the autofocus limitations are a nightmare. That's why I'm ordering an EOS R.

  11. Most modern cameras are very good, however for canon there is an expectation that canon will produce top cameras !
    Unfortunately they do not and the cameras are expensive for the spec offered.
    If canon gave my a eos R and a couple of lenses for free, then it will be a great camera for me !

  12. I got into photography about a year ago..my first camera was the M50. At first I loved it …Then I bought the Canon 80D and was hooked on DSLRs. I love the feel, I love the weight, and I love the bulk. Over the course of the last year my M50 has frozen up numerous times. I'll be in the middle of taking multiple pictures and lose really good pictures because it freezes during the shot. So I just sold that one, the adapter and speed booster and put some money towards the EOS R.. I really wanted a 6D Mark II but at 45 focal points…I just couldn't do it …..especially after using the 80D. But the look and feel I absolutely love. I dream about a 6D Mark 3 with the features Sony offers on the A7III

  13. Please just sum up for me that should i upgrade my Canon 5D Mark IV with this EOS R. I am still shaky to decide this…

  14. Great food for thought….want-a-B travel vlogger…have 90D now…love images…weight and and not having wonky videos are the most important…with great images is what i am looking for now…what to upgrade too????

  15. Thanks. I agree with you: great camera (I own the 5D mark IV and the 1 D X mark II as well), but the versatility, ergonomics and the RF lenses represent a great combination. Actually, selling all my EF L lenses and progressively replace them with RF as soon as they become available

  16. I love you're straight talk. You are calm and knowledgable and not overly exaggerating your speech or facial expressions. Well done brother.

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