November 29, 2021

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Hands On Review & Impressions

Check out our initial hands on review of Canon’s newest DSLR
14fps, 4k video, dual pixel AF, and a 32MP sensor put to the test!
Favorite Gear for the M6II:
EOS M6II Help Guide & Presets: Coming 9/6/19

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27 thoughts on “Canon EOS M6 Mark II Hands On Review & Impressions

  1. You sound more and more biased the longer I watch your videos, even when there is no mention of other brands. Can you guys be less of deficit thinkers?

  2. That 24p problem is blown so far out of proportions! U can now just output that in your software and u wouldn’t tell the difference. U can tell these people aren’t really hardcore videographers.

    Not having 4K 60fps, IBIS or ALL-i modes are far bigger drawbacks

  3. I think Canon's new strategy is to get rid of 24FPS from all the consumer grade cameras so that people who really want it will go for high end cameras. There is not absolutely no reason why they can not do this. It is intentional greed on Canons part. They will loose people for doing this. They intentionally omit many things they could easily implement.

  4. Dan Watson i dont understand the criticism of 25 frames per second. From what I understand, the vast majority of the worlds population have TVs which use frame rates of 25 frames per second. Surely Canon should be applauded for catering to the majority of the world which use Pal or Secam. The 29.9 frame rate i understand is a Japanese ntsc standard so not surprising a Japanese company would cater for its own population. Happy to be corrected if i am wrong.

  5. The only good, native lenses for this camera are the 22 and 32 primes and the 11-22 if you wanna vlog with it. Everything else is just crap. And with M50 and this one being actually pretty good cameras, that's a shame.

  6. Subbed. Some of the best pics/video of all the different content I've seen from this release. Good job guys. I'm saving for my first 'serious'camera and I'm torn between the XT3 or the EOS R. I'm really in love with the IQ of canon glass, but its mostly out of my price range, which I'd pushing me toward fuji.. if the XT3 had ibis I would've committed already.

    Sad they crippled the 90d but .. could be worse!! Thx for the video =)

  7. I am looking for a better point and shoot than my RX100V do you think with a EF-M 22 (35mm) equivalent I would achieve better IQ with this camera than my RX100V? I am very picky I am a Sony shooter with every GM lens including the 400 & 600GM. This is for restaurants bars, events snapshots and outdoors documenting various things. I have tried so many cameras specifically APS-C, GRII GFX1 III and so far due to slow lenses none of them are any better than my RX100V which is disappointing. I also use my a6500 w/Sony 20mm pancake but it is not that great due to the lens.

  8. 24P means shit. The "worst best p" has no meaning nowdays and it doesn't for 10s of years now, certainly when there's no movie screens 24p limitation.
    Don't understand why this 24P myth continues, stop feeding people this bullshit.
    Other then that solid preview.

  9. You guys obviously do a lot of shooting and editing corporate videos and are very good at what you do. This feedback is intended in a friendly fashion as simply feedback. I had a strong feeling of mistrust in listening to your words. Corporate videos are marketing driven and are never trusted to be honest. This video sounded just like a corporate video – more like a paid promotion than an honest review. The scripted lines might seem more professional in some ways, but authenticity is ultimately what people trust the most. I am looking at this camera to add to my studio, and your professional experience is just what I need, for while I am relatively small scale, I do similar sorts of things. I would like to believe that what you said came from the heart, but that corporate style makes it difficult to judge what you really think and feel.

  10. I could be the humidity that make her sunglasses to swallow up they are huge. Be careful with your gravity shift foward that much your back is at risk of injuries. 😋

  11. I like EOS M series, just 1 thing i hate, canon doesnt make 50mm EF-M Lens.
    Can get 50mm with adapter + EF 50mm STM but its huge lens for EOS M.

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