August 16, 2022

Canon EOS M | SIGMA ART 30MM F1.4 EF + Viltrox Speedbooster | Review & Test | Magic Lantern RAW

Canon EOS M | SIGMA ART 30MM F1.4 EF + Viltrox Speedbooster | Review & Test | Magic Lantern RAW

Get the Full Frame look on your EOS M with this lens! It’s marked by SIGMA as an “APS-C Only” Lens, but it works with EOS M Speedboosters with NO Vignette, turning the 1.6x Crop to 1.14 almost 1.0x (Fullframe) with no vignette. How does it look?

The new sigma EF-m mount lens have been released, however,
The SIGMA ART 30mm F1.4 EF Version works with an EF to EF-m speed booster and all EOS M Series Cameras e.g. M50, M5, M6, M100, M, M2 Etc…It will bring more subject isolation, low-light capabilities and an overall versatile look to the M Series Cameras.

One of the sharpest lens I currently own when placed on a speedbooster. Everything sample clip shown are all hand-held, it the best all-rounder lens considering the fast aperture and field of view with the speedbooster.

*This video was recorded using the M2 & Zeiss ZE 50mm f1.4 Planar
* Sample clips shown were with the EOS M + Viltrox Speedbooster + Sigma 30mm f1.4 ART EF Mount

Gear Used:
Canon EOS M & M2
Viltrox EF-M2 EF to EOS M Speedbooster
Sigma ART 30mm F1.4 EF Mount

MCM Rewire 1080
ISO 100
WB 5600/3900
Upscaled 1736×976 to 4K [FCPX[



New to Magic Lantern RAW?
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*Latest Danne Magic Lantern Builds:

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Magic Lantern RAW Settings I use with the CANON EOS M:

How to Install ML Builds onto the EOS M (At the beginning of the video):

My Current Lens Setup:
EOS M #1 – Samyang 50mm f1.4 & 35mm f1.4
EOS M #2 – Canon FD 50mm f1.8 & 28mm f2.8
EOS M2 #1 – Contax Zeiss 50mm f1.7 & 28-85mm f3.3-4, Zeiss ZE 50mm f1.4
EOS M2 #2 – 7Artisans 12mm f2.8, 25mm f1.8 & 55mm f1.4

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How I Grade/Convert/Export RAW Video:

Youtube Gear Setup Used:

Metabones Speedbooster for EOS M:

My Canon EOS M Cinema RIG:

4.5K Short Film on the CANON EOS M:

Canon EOS M2 Magic Lantern RAW:


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23 thoughts on “Canon EOS M | SIGMA ART 30MM F1.4 EF + Viltrox Speedbooster | Review & Test | Magic Lantern RAW

  1. Thanks for the great video. I was wondering if you could advise me on what lens I need. I have a Canon M50. I have several EF-M lenses but I also have a Nifty Fifty with a Viltrox Speed Booster. I really would like this Sigma 30mm f 1.4 but I know there are a few options (an EFM mount. An EF-S mount). Would the EF-S mount work with my Viltrox Speed Booster or would I simply need an EF Mount). Cheers from London.

  2. Hi! A beginner when it comes to cameras. I was wondering, would this lens be compatible with an EOS M10 ? Also with the new EF-M lens, which one would you suggest ?

  3. Hey! Nice video and a beautiful family. So a cropped lens doesn't vignette on a cropped sensor? I thought the cropped lenses are made only to cover a cropped sensor.

  4. Hello Zeek… thanks for your great videos and for sharing your knowledge and experience. Much appreciated. I have a quick 2 questions if I may… re: focus with Canon M. I couldn't catch what it is that you used to improve the focusing. And also, do you know if on the M50 with the Viltrox SB in 1080 I could still use DPAF? Thanks.

  5. As always thank you for your research into this great small form factor boomer. Any thoughts on the Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens for the eosm ? thanx

  6. Thanks for posting this. I'm curious how it compares to the slightly less expensive (new price) EF-M Canon 32mm 1.4 that wont require an adapter. In addition, the newly announced Sigma 30mm 1.4 EF-M seems like a great, and less expensive, alternative when it becomes available. Of course, that's a C lens and not an A, but again, no adapter required. Of course, if you do use the Viltrox speedbooster, you do get about a stop of additional light as well which is a plus. And if you also happen to have a Canon DSLR with an EF mount, this is a double threat optic. Thanks again! Cheers

  7. You`re doing great job mate!

    Have you tried deep depth of field lenses with this camera? I consider to buy this one but i don`t appreciate bokeh a lot

  8. Hi, thanks for sharing this. You mentioned the autofocus is not good in video, is it because of the old AF system in the older M model? how about using it in DPAF M camera?

  9. Wow, great information zeek, how did you know it would work with the viltrox speedbooster? Most aps-c lens require some cutting or modification of the base to work with the speedbooster.

  10. Am I seeing your thumbnail correctly? You say viltrox speedbooster but your thumbnail shows a Metabones EF to EOS M speedbooster?

  11. Looks great. I recently tried out ML for the first time on my EOS-M using the 55-250mm and 24mm canon lenses with a cheap adaptor and was very surprised at the sharpness and quality in RAW. I put a short video together on my channel with the results. It's a great little camera and magic lantern really brings it to life.

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