May 6, 2021

Canon EOS 90D vs EOS 80D Comparison Review

Professional lifestyle and wedding photographer Gemma Peanut takes a look at the upgraded shooting features of the all new EOS 90D. Whether you’re thinking of upgrading from the trusty EOS 80D or entering the world of DSLR photography for the first time, this hands-on comparison review breaks down the new key features and upgrades that make the new EOS 90D stand out from the pack.

Know more about the EOS 90D here:


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36 thoughts on “Canon EOS 90D vs EOS 80D Comparison Review

  1. A joystick and a different grip, and just a few more pixels. Mmmm not really that impressive, sorry Canon. Perfectly happy to stick with my 80D, it’s a dam fine camera at a good price.

  2. @4:22 "so no capturing video will feel more cinematic." Are you kidding me!!!!! This doesnt have 24fps, the gold standard of cinematic video frame rate. Stop fooling the customers canon. I have been shooting Canon for nearly a decade now and I dont see why you should buy this over a 7d mark 2. which is a better camera in all regard going at similar price right now, even cheaper. Just dont buy 90D is what I would suggest because Canon is really charging tons of money without giving essential video features that cameras with 1/3rd of price would provide.

  3. You fail to mention that the Camera can’t shoot in cinematic frame rate like every other camera on the market can… or the fact the camera can’t Auto focus or recorded audio during certain movie recording modes… why would anyone buy this camera??? As for stills the focus is crap because the focus points only cover the very centre of the screen…

  4. I thought this was a comparison? They both have 45 point AF but you made it sound like it was new. They also both have the same screen? Sorry, not as advertised.

  5. what about having the sound bars on the video screen so you can manually adjust the audio while recording? its possible on the 80 but it took having to call canon and even they had to put me on hold to look it up.

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  7. Why all the fuss about the lack of 4K @ 24fps? It can do 30fps. Isn't that better? Frankly I'd be more impressed if it did 4k @ 60fps. Then we'd really have something!

  8. This wasn't even a comparison at all but the grip…
    I'm not even sure if I should get the 90D or the 80D.

  9. Canon chose a momtog to endorse this 🍕 💩
    That says it all.
    “A camera great for taking pictures and videos of your kid … if you’re wanting something that’s a step up from your iPhone”

  10. Im sorry, while i love that Canon paid someone to educate us about differences between old and new camera (much appreciated btw), Gemma is sooooooo annoyingly fake. Just saying.

  11. "…and boy have they stepped things up a notch!"..let's see – they removed 24p video recording…you know – the most often used "cinematic" frame-rate. Oh and they added a new noisier sensor! And it shoots faster…for way less time.

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