December 1, 2022

Canon EF 135mm L f2.0 long term REVIEW for 2019 – the best portrait lens ever?

The Canon EF 135mm f2.0 L is one of my favorite lenses I have ever tried and the one I most use on wedding days from all lenses I bring. In this Video now after a couple of years of use I put together my experience and opinion about the Canon EF 135mm L telephoto lens with many photo and video samples so you see exactly what you can create with that camera lens. All images were taken with the Canon 6D and shot wide open at f2.0. All images are edited in under 20 Seconds with our editing workflow which you can find on our website:


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49 thoughts on “Canon EF 135mm L f2.0 long term REVIEW for 2019 – the best portrait lens ever?

  1. Thank you for making this video. I have the 135mm for many years, this video is screaming; take me out of the camera bag please 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking the time to make this video, I really appreciated it. So often reviews on you tube are someone using a lens or camera for a day, maybe a week or two if they're trying to be thorough. It has so much more value to see aa review, like this, where someone has used a lens for a very extended period of time and they know it's strength and weaknesses. It helped me to see in practice the working distances between the camera and subject. I had calculated it but to see it in real life was far more helpful. I hope one day to own this lens. Good luck with building your channel.

  3. This was THE video I needed to make a decision between the 85 1.2 and the 135 2.0. Thanks so much, and your shots are beautiful! Can’t wait to pick up this lens to go with my new 6D! And you were very touching with your demeanour and positive attitude. You’re very warm and personable through a video, and that’s not easily achieved. Well done and keep up the amazing work.

  4. I've got an RF50mm and an Tamron 85mm F1.8, now I'm drooling over the old EF 200mm F2.0. Then you come along and poetically enjoy this reasonably affordable 15 year old 135mm. Now I want this lens too. 😅
    How does it stack up against the newer more expensive Sigma 135mm F1.8? thnx for the great vid!

  5. 2:22, 2:37 and 3:10, how you light the subjects? In the footage, subjects look very dark, many lights behind them (backlit), without any flashes in front to light the subjects , we couldn't get the photos you post in the video clip.

  6. Great video ! Have u compared the 70-200 F2.8 to the 135 F2 just read a review said no real difference. I have the 700-200 but would love this lens after seeing this,thank-U

  7. Very thoughtful review, human like)))
    Great images!
    Really cool, how you are able to get this nice portraits with a day light only.
    Nice lens indeed, though if I have enough space, 200mm 2.8 L II is my first choice, it is even more contrasty and color fidelity is better due to my taste.

  8. Thank you for this video. When I was considering whether or not buy this lens 18 months ago, I had been seen one of your video by chance. It was insprired me. Then I followed your channel. Every video make me feel insprired. Your picture is very nice. This is the first time I comment on your channel. I was waiting for this video because you have started review your gear recently. Thank you for your content you bring into your channel. I hope to see your upcoming video! I still very happy with my 6D2 and 135L. Thank you so much!

  9. Your skill maneuvering these two cameras at the end of each arm, one taking pictures, the other filming the whole process, is just amazing.

  10. Thank you very much what you offer. I really like your pictures, videos and mindset, you're totally right. I wish you the best because you deserve it !

  11. Judging from the video, it seems to need 5m for half body shot and 10m for full body. Really far. Especially when u need to communicate with your subjects in a crowded and noisy environment. Images are gorgeous no doubt.

  12. Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding the 135mm focal length, this focal length is somehow "forgotten" as most photographers uses the 90mm focal length as the standard portraiture lens or the big/heavy 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom lenses. This lens is compact weight less, has a stop advantage compared to the 70-200 and it is not painted white! You get a different look as most are using the 90mm. Another advantage of using bright lenses with a DSLR is that your image will be brighter in the optical viewfinder. I will experiment with the 3 prime lens approach in a near future as prices of new and secondhand 6D bodies have dropped significantly.

  13. I m in love with that lens. I use it quite often for head shots. Photos are beautiful.
    I like you approach to a street photography. Cheers

  14. I switch from fuji xt-2 with 90mm f2 and complete fix lenses to canon 5d4 last week and this is my lens choice beside 50mm absolutely amazing lens

  15. Thanks Jannis ! I used to use 135 and enjoyed it , but when I changed systems I did not buy a new 135.
    Thanks for reminding me !

  16. Can you say what is your process of developing photos in the Lightroom? You have beautiful warm colors. And how are you doing your signatures on the pictures? Thank You.

  17. Krass, die schwere Linse und die Kamera in einer Hand, das ist echt sportlich!!! Ergebnisse sprechen für sich, ich fand das Objektiv auch ganz schön doch irgendwann ist mir das 70-200mm von Tamaron über den Weg gelaufen und das ist ein echter HAMMER!!!

  18. I do have same setup, canon 6d with 135mm, but it took me a split second to compose and recompose, and i have to use my both hands, how can u so quickly compose and recompose, and that with single hand. Are you seriously composing and recomposing using centre point only? You must be using back button to focus?

  19. I think its really fun taking pictures of strangers 😁 how did you gave the images to them? through email of some sort? i kinda have this urge to try this here in PH 😁😅

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