March 24, 2023

Canon 90D specification review : Canon 90D vs 80D hindi

Canon 90D specifications have been discussed in detail. Comparisons in features have been made with Canon 80D.

I have not done a hands-on as I have not received the camera still. This video is made using specifications available on internet, discussing with my friend/you-tuber in USA who has done hands-on, watching multiple videos. I have tried to understand and summarise it for you and easy to understand and a perspective to make a decision.

What is important ? To make a wise decision of buying a new camera.

How to make a decision?
Your requirement + available options.


My standard wedding Kit:
Canon 5D Mark 3 (not available now)Canon 70-200 F/2.8 L II USM :
Canon EF 24-70mm F/2.8L II USM:
50mm 1.8 STM –
Canon 85mm 1.8 :
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM Lens:


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Photos and video clips:
Canon official, pngtree

I have hardly used Nikon Cameras for videos and I am unable to suggest from that brand until I test one..!
Good cameras for making videos that I like:
Canon M50 (with kit lens):
Canon 200D (with kit lens):
Canon 77D (with kit lens):
Sony 6400 (with kit lens):
Sony A73 (body only):

Tiffen ND filters are fine for beginners.

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24 thoughts on “Canon 90D specification review : Canon 90D vs 80D hindi

  1. Do let me know if you have any additional information that I missed, other views , corrections etc…! Curious about your views on 90D… ! 🙂

    Note: The review and comparison is with respect to other DSLRs and comparison with 80D. I am yet to compare it with Sony 6400 which will be the best comparison. We will wait until I am able to collect more information/ hands-on.

  2. Sir I am a beginner need to buy one camera for personal use photos videos festivals n trips plz give clear suggestions on SONY 6400 canon 90d and canon 80d very confused

  3. Sir ji.,,wedding k liye 90d vs a6400 konsa a66a hai?
    90d me kya dual card slot hai.?
    90d me 4k dual pixel af kaisa kam karta hai?
    Aur vedio acha banate how ap..

  4. Hey men which is best for non professional use..
    Just for travel stills.

    My budget 1000 usd

    My outlist
    – canon 80 d
    – fujifilm xt30
    – canon 200d
    – sony a 6400
    Or any your suggestion apart from these under my budget
    Plz suggest best for me… Im buying for first time for just home use.. travel and my kids photography

  5. hi,i m from pakistan i purchase new canon d200 plz help me choice of best lenz in budget and higher range for normal photografy and videography like parties weedings etc.

  6. Good video, pretty much informative. I am little bit confused between 6D Mark ii and 90D. I am looking to upgrade my camera but when I saw this camera, it made me think whether I should buy a 2 year old Full frame or latest APS-C crop sensor camera. Could you please help me here?


  7. 6400 vs 90 ।। 6400 सस्ता है वीडियो भी सायद ठीक है लेकिन सायद सोनी में फ़ोटो ठीक नही है,canon में फ़ोटो वीडियो दोनो ठीक है,मैं सायद ठीक कह रहा हु,

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