March 1, 2021

Canon 90D Review – Just TWO Years Late !!! Focus Test

Canon 90D Review – really nice!!!!
A little late to the party lol 🙂

Canon 90D Red Hot Opinions –

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LENS: Sony 50mm 1.4 FE at 1.4


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RECORDER: Ninja V by Atomos

MY COMPUTER: 2017 27” iMac i7 4.2 GHz 40GB Ram

Filmed in my 24/7/365 Christmas Room with studio lighting.
Canon 90D settings
ISO 200
1/60 Shutter
1.4 f stop
Standard -2 -2 -2
Face detection ON and working
1 soft box in front, 1 soft box behind in X pattern.
Bulbs 2700K CRI 93 LED light bulbs.
Used the 2017 i7 4.2Ghz iMac
Final Cut Pro X to edit
4K timeline 23.39
Output to H.264 4K
Uploaded to Youtube.

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45 thoughts on “Canon 90D Review – Just TWO Years Late !!! Focus Test

  1. What happens when a Ninja V is connected to the 90D? does the 90d's LCD goes black or it stays active? do i lose access to the touchscreen function then? I ask because I'd love to use a monitor sometimes and the one I have (a feelworld 5 inches or so) works-I get a clean signal thru the HDMI but the 90D's LCD goes to black which means I cannot use the touchscreen to focus anymore. Will this be the same if I got a Ninja V? I think that Mr Gregg uses an external recorder with the 90D…I hope someone has tried this combo- 90D with Ninja V…thanks

  2. Excellent video Peter…did you have any issues with the 85mm 1.8 lens like I did?? Maybe the new Firmware will fix all issues.

  3. Being used to the M50's 4k 'autofocus'…wow! This is fantastic. I was mildly surprised to see it struggle as you got further away. I was very surprised it only caught your eye once that I noticed.
    As always you are correct. This would have been great a couple of years ago. That said, 2 year old (and older) tech is still relevant if it fits your needs. I think for the money, I would go with the RP if I was sticking with Canon….I don't plan on sticking with Canon.

  4. Everybody (canon 90D/RP owners) will now make cinematic videos like never before. ** 2 4 F P S * * is CoMING !!! Wohooooo 😜👍

  5. 90D is in the gutter, at least for me… I want a camera that excites me, like the Panasonic S1H, except for its price, or the Sony A7 III…the natural order of things with technology is that every new camera is better than competition. A brand release a camera, than a competitor answers back with a better one, but with canons is always different. We know that a camera released later by Canon will be worse… and more expensive… Canon's motto: we give you less, for more money…

  6. Hi Peter
    Beside your funny behavior i love the technical information.
    I bought the 90d yesterday, and think i did nothing wrong. The good news, 24p will come this October as Canon anounced.
    So happy Cristmas from Berlin the capital of Germany

  7. Peter, check DPreview they just received a message from Canon and 24p is coming to Canon cameras in stages but the 90D is among the first.

  8. Focus tracking seems pretty inconsistent so far… example when you walked to the piano at 11:25 — 2 years late and a dollar short :

  9. So did you hear the news?!?! Canon just announced it's bringing back 24p to its cameras. Including the 90D… You're welcome 🙂

  10. Great video Peter. Do you think that the 90d is replacing the 7D series. How does the 90d shoot fast action pictures? That is what I would like to know. Thanks for all your hard work Peter. It is greatly appreciated.

  11. Did you turn the eye af on?
    It appears you didn’t as if you had it on there would of been a smaller box around your eye inside the bigger box.

  12. I hope to see a test with a Canon 50mm f1.8 STM or a native Canon lens…I have this camera and it focuses better than what I saw here with the Sigma lens. Although I'm using it mostly with a sigma 18-35mm f1.8 but I don't shoot wide open but rather at f2.8 or higher if I can. The pic quality in 4k doesn't compare to my Sony a6400 but i have lots of EF-s lenses so now I can continue to use them with the 90d (my 70D will do photos only). I think it'sa great update to 70D owners. I now have good usable 4k (that I downrez to 1080p for my videos anyway-looks sharper than native 1080p) and the lack of 24fps doesn't bother me at all. It may be the last Canon APS C dslr I'll ever buy…for now it works for me. I know it's overpriced for what it offers and that it's late to the party so to speak…but it brought some goodies with it! Thanks Peter. Glad to see you're feeling better. Easy!

  13. Theres a function on the eos R that you anable continue focusing, its different than servo af I am wondering if the 90d has it, and seems it has many mirrorless features it probably does, and its turn off thats why it did not focus when Peter was out of the frame.

  14. The focus tracking using face recognition was good but not great, it tracks very well moving from left to right but loses lock when you move fore and aft. When moving back to the piano it lost you completely for a few seconds but locked on as you approached the table. It seems to work best when you are close to the camera. The video quality looked very good on YouTube. Thank you for sharing this test, it was informative and fun to watch.

  15. Thanks for this video, I've been looking forward to your tests, Peter. You have me curious now. I'd love to see you test the AF again with "Canon" lenses, as I've seen other AF tests online where the focus kept up much better than what you experienced in this video. There's definitely a huge difference between the DPAF in the EOS R and that in the 90D. The 90D's version seems like an early iteration of DPAF. Let's hope Canon does some kind of firmware update to improve the eye-detection and tracking, generally. I can't help feeling the Sigma lens focusing is too slow for the DPAF, it was very lethargic.

  16. Looked good, it's definitely the camera I wanted 2 years ago, but I couldn't find what I wanted so I bought a refurbished 80D for a great price. There always seems to be excess noise in Canon APS-C cameras, the 90D seems to have noise on the blue chair. It wasn't awful looking, just the Canon noise performance has always bothered me. I know the camera being 32 MPs will not really help the noise performance. I may just wait awhile until a full frame mirrorless camera from Sony or Canon checks all the boxes for my needs. The 90D is probably the closest camera for my needs and at a good price, but I'm still kind of picky haha

  17. No arm sling, yaaaayyy!!!! Also I received my 2 white easy balance tools today. Thanks again!!!

  18. Agreed. 2 years way to late. How it can compete with the a6400 I don’t know. Canon must be relying on owners with EF glass and side flip screen. Most new owners in this market perhaps buy one extra lens besides kit lens included.

  19. Great video. Very interesting to see the DPAF on action on a 32mpx croped sensor. Sometimes it got a little lost. Very informative.

    I'm waiting for your upcoming videos with the 90D-oveheating? video quality comparisons? moire? 1080p? 120fps? low light performance?

    Greetings from Colombia (where i just got a new 80D – 3 years later but really happy with it because it is a huge step up from my canon SL1 – just a hobbyist- )

  20. This camera apparently goes back in time for longer than 2 years. Back when the Canon had the 70D and later 80D both cameras focused better than this camera. The white box tracking always loses your face when you walks a bit too far and when it finally shows up when you get closer the lens's autofocus often can't keep up. Also the transition isn't as smooth as the 70D with cheap and compatible lenses like the 18-55mm or 18-135mm STM either. Not sure if it should have been here 2 years ago or shouldn't be here at all.

  21. Nobody’s ever going to give us a perfect camera! Not EVER!
    Because they’ll want to keep us hungry for the next one.

  22. Great video Peter. Looks like your room is just about a foot and a half too long for this auto focus system. LOL it’s a great camera

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