January 26, 2022

Canon 90D & M6 Mark II | First Look

Canon just announced the EOS 90D DSLR and the EOS M6 Mark II mirrorless camera. Our favorite things about the 90D are the 10fps continuous burst mode and improved autofocus tracking. We tested these features, along with the new metering system, face detection and video modes on the 90D to really see what this camera can do.

The M6 Mark II packs all the features of the 90D into a small mirrorless camera. You also get a 14fps continuous burst mode and controls that you would normally find on a higher-end DSLR logically laid out on its compact mirrorless body.

Which features stand out to you? Are you excited to try either (or both) of these cameras from Canon? Let us know in the comments below!

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44 thoughts on “Canon 90D & M6 Mark II | First Look

  1. The excitement over un cropped 4k is turning to anger as people begin to realize its a fake 4k. In reality it's 2.8k upscaled to 4k. Another big 'F you' from Canon to us consumers.

  2. Hi ! Nice vids on this Channel ^^ One question, what's best for a sharp image (avoiding to crop too much) : A Full Frame body with "only" 24Mpixels or an APS-C Body with 32Mpixels ?? (Both with Canon L Serie lens ).

  3. Lack of 24 fps on video doesn't bother me. I already shoot everything at 60 fps on my 80D and then put it on a 24 fps timeline in Premiere Pro.

  4. 0:20
    "incredible" yet enunciated like a platitude?
    a less patronizing "blah blah blah" presenter would make this watchable

  5. Would be interesting to see keeper rate at wider apertures. 5.0-5.6 shouldn't prove too hard for most camera lens combos.
    Jared Polin pointed out that if they had made a mirrorless DSLR style camera it would have been a home run. I'd agree with that and less materials used so possible to lower the price and dominate the market. Especially if a EF-M to EF adapter was packaged with the camera to make up for the lack of M glass.

  6. Hi I have to choose where should I buy my lens I live in New York but please tell from websites or shop and which lens is best for d3200 under 70$

  7. Great a6400 competitor but Sony is about to launch a6700.. and honestly for a similar price a6400 is a better buy. 6k down sampling, 24 fps, aydio and af in 120 fps…

  8. This 90D is quite dissapointing for 2019-maybe 2-3 yrs ago this would have been looked at differently. But with the fujifilm and the sony cameras, there is nothing exciting abt the specs of the 90d.

    Ive been shooting canon for 25 yrs but i jumped ship to fujifilm and have no regrets. I dont need to cary a large camera when i can have a smaller one that renders the same quality as the canon. And to me canon is always 2-3 yrs behind the other cameras (sony, fujifilm and panasonic). I believe they do that intentionally bc of greed. Thats why i believe that even more folks will be jumping ship.

    Why didnt canon include 4k 60fps in their 90d??? Bc of GREED!!! Maybe by the time they will wake up, it will be too late- since their new cameras and lenses will be purchased only by their few canon fanboys. Bye bye canon.

  9. If you’ve lived long enough, you’ll remember people knocking cd’s in favor of the good old cassette tapes, the massive benefits of VHS over DVD, tungsten over led, etc. This felt like that last kick for dslr’s when mirrorless are the present and the future. It’s great that Canon keeps providing updated bodies for those who have invested in lenses, but pretending someone should buy a 90d when starting anew is disingenuous.

  10. I don’t know how do you all think !!!
    I just bought RP 2 days back after watching 1 million vlogger about it

    The problem is that you all talk as the main buyers are also vlogger just like you , not a man who plan for nice memories of his family vacation and he can effort the cost . And I will explain why but before that I tell you o have 70D G7XM2 DJI pocket insta360 and the list goes on and I will tell you why all those ( SLR and Mirrorless with changeable lenses ) cameras are bad

    1- you don’t mention that the main feature of new camera over old is Video quality and every body talks about 24FPS as a big problem . But the very serious problem is the sound of the lenses when shooting . It destroy the moment . All USM and even STM has noise and to avoid it , shoot manual focus !!! Or use external mic . Which leads to point 2
    2- Those camera are not portable friendly because it has USB-C but I cannot charge with it so I have to carry my charger and my external mic and even as external flash and two different lenses to cover all situation

    For that I will take my G7X-M2 with me to London because it is more practical to travel with or go out with the kids with

  11. I have five digits in canon equipment. Looking forward to seeing how little I’m going to get for it in my trade in for Sony.

  12. Spec Sheet states 24fps 1080p ALL-i (Which can upscale to 4K no problem in post; I do it all the time). Were you referring to no 24fps in 4K?

  13. they really don't want us video lovers to ever buy their gear again do they?? another couple of below par offerings that seem 5 years behind everyone else

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