August 13, 2022

Canon 10-18mm Vlogging on EOS R Review

Shot entirely on the EOS R with the 10-18mm lens.

(Except for that one clip, which is an exception).

My previous simple vid on the Canon 10-18mm lens seemed to get some interest, so I thought I’d expand upon this with a full-fledged vlogging video for those of you interested in purchasing one. While I didn’t quite get it for the sole purpose of vlogging, I figured there might be some useful info here for those that are interested.

Previous 10-18mm vid:
Terminology (aka “What the hell did he just say?!?!”)
EF-S = A type of lens meant for cameras that use APS-C sized sensors, which is smaller than full-frame cameras. Cannot be used on a full-frame sensor.
STM = Stepping Motor. Just a fancy motor that’s virtually silent when the lens it focusing.
IS = Image stabilization. Pretty straight forward.
F/4.5-5.6 = That’s the aperture size (f/[Number]). Works just like the iris in your eye, the smaller the number, the bigger the aperture/iris.

I didn’t mean to go so overboard with terms without any explanation, lol.
Canon EOS R
Canon EF-S 10-18mm F/4.5-5.6 IS STM
Shure LensHopper VP83F
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14 thoughts on “Canon 10-18mm Vlogging on EOS R Review

  1. Additional note on lens sharpness: The image clarity goes down sharply at slower aperture numbers, like f/22. Basically, unless you can keep that f/_ number down towards the minimum (like f/5.6), your photos/videos will come out a LOT softer when it's bright outside. This is something I recently learned while using the lens. You can get around this by locking your camera on f/5.6 using M or AV mode, or buying a neutral density lens filter.

    Other than that, my views I expressed in the video have not changed.

  2. Very good! A lot of useful information. I have the 10-18mm and I used it for vlogging with my M50. I am considering an upgrade and I can't really make up my mind between the 90d and the EOS R….With the EOS R I can have more quality but the 4k would make turn the full frame into something like an aps-c…while the 90d is an aps-c BUT has 4k without the cropping factor….so in the end the video size might look the same from both camera with some advantage in terms of quality for the EOS R. I am just not sure if buying the EOS R would be worth the extra bucks. The 24fps issue is not really a problem on the 90d since I can set it to PAL and shoot 24. As a user of the EOS R…wha would you suggest me? Also…I heard that the EOS R sometimes freezes for no reason: has it happened to you? Keep up the good work!

  3. Cool beans bro. Good Vid!!! However certain lenses wide open even at 1.2 are way sharper than others. The RF 50MM L 1.2 wide open is WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY sharper compared to the EF 50mm L 1.2 which is soft like the clarity slider at negative.

  4. Nice review. I need to get better at understanding all my lens options for my Sony. I have three different lenses but am looking to purchase another one soon. As far as the sunglasses goes, I wear mine when vlogging a lot of the time as I rarely don't wear sunglasses outside. Whatever feels the most comfortable to you.

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