August 19, 2022

Can VILTROX Speedbooster change CANON EOS M50 into full frame DSLR Camera detailed review

Viltrox Speedbooster has finally arrived. I had to make full review and test this out fully. Can Viltrox Speedbooster change Canon EOS M50 into full frame DSLR?

Viltrox Speedbooster –


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Canon EOS M50 –
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Viltrox Speedbooster –
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45 thoughts on “Can VILTROX Speedbooster change CANON EOS M50 into full frame DSLR Camera detailed review

  1. Thank you very much for watching. Do you have Speedbooster? How do you like it? What lenses are you using it with? And…. how are you doing these day?

  2. Can we use m50 for professional photography, videography and cinamatography.Can we use third party flashes ,light trigger's and intervelo meter for timelapse on this camera.

  3. I got the speedbooster today with the 50mm 1.8 lens and its definitelly a great combination for the m50. looks really sharp and it works pretty good in low light 😀

  4. Nice videos! 👍😊 I have a question… can I use my crop-sensor lenses with this speed booster adapter? I'm still using an old Canon 60D with third party lenses i.e. Tokina, Sigma etc. crop-sensor lenses. Thank you very much! 😊

  5. I want to buy the m50 or the m6 mark 2. Which is better for you. I’m amateur. Just for travel, some familiar videos and photos

  6. Most of youtubers test speedbooster on 50mm lense, which other ef lense is good with it or 50mm is the only one that is the best?

  7. hi i wanna to know if my camera is power off and the lens is attached with the speedboster simultaneously so the qustion is it effecting battery ?

  8. I just got the Speedbooster for my M50, I put my Canon f2.0 135mm lens on it. It change the lens to an f1.4 95mm lens. I don't understand why it went from a 135mm lens to a 95mm lens. A reply from anyone will be appreciated.

  9. Hi.. hope you are well!! one question pls.. can i use viltrox speed booster with canon 15-45mm lens as well for my M50???

  10. I have the opportunity to buy the M50 or Sony a6300 for the same price. Which one should I get? I am mainly interested in shooting stills, not videos.

  11. Zdenka hv a speedy recovery..very nice video.. nice explanations. i just subbed. i am a editor and i love photography. I want to start my youtube channel.. lets build a community and support each other.can u sub nack .. love from india 🇮🇳

  12. i want to know your opinion. which is batter for m50? regular adaptor or speed booster?
    and which is better for vlogging with 10-18 mm lens .. plz suggest mam.
    ❤ from india.

  13. Hi Zdenka, I'm a photo/ video enthusiast and a subscriber to your channel. I'm happy that you made this video because I have one of that speed boosters being delivered tomorrow so your review kinda set my heart at ease.(I'm actually getting one to allow me to use my Canon EF lenses on my Panasonic cameras) I mainly shoot Panasonic . A little about me: I live over here in Whitby. I'm mainly a videographer however recently I've developed an interest in photography. I've done a few shoots around here and I shot my first wedding 3 weeks ago. I'd like you to review those photos sometime. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I admire your enthusiasm about what you do and I'd love to collaborate with you sometime. Btw, I don't own a full frame camera, and I don't have a YouTube channel, lol! Have a great afternoon.

  14. hey,
    I really like all of your videos.
    I am an E-commerce seller, that's why I buy canon m50 for product photography.
    now I want a 50mm lens for the camera, I am confused which adepter I should buy canon or VILTROX?
    can you help with it?

    thank you in advance
    Hiren Limbad

  15. Hey question for you so I got the booster and wanted to pick up a wide angle lense tried the sigma 10-20 and at full out at 10mm I get real bad vignettes and it won't go away until I go to 14mm kinda defeats the object please help really want a wide angle got the efs adapter coming as well

  16. Hey! awesome video! I am very new to the photography scene, but have been learning a lot. i have been wanting to get a speedbooster, but i read that it could affect the sharpness of the image – make it softer because it's going through another layer of glass. Do you agree with that? can you tell from just a normal picture – say if i want to do some portraits.

  17. Love the vids. Have a question. Do you use the speed booster on your m50 with your 70-200mm lens? Do you know if it affects anything in image quality?

  18. Hi. You have to always apply the crop factor to the aperture. Therfore the 50mm 1.8 on the EOS crop sensor makes it a f2.8 (FF equiv.). Then with the speedbooster added its 0.71×2.8=f2.0 which is consistant with what i see in your image. The image taken with the EOS using speed booster+lens does not have quite as much blurred background as the 1.8 on the full frame 5D but close. Its 1/3 stop difference. The speedboster gave you 1full fstop (f2.8 to f2.0) of extra light. Im pretty sure this is right. If im wrong someone with more knowledge correct me please..

  19. Hello beautiful hello from Atlanta Georgia thank you for sharing this video I like both cameras but I like the M50 Canon because it's lightweight and you can carry it around a lot longer that's just my opinion but anyway thank you for sharing this video you did a great job I subscribe to your channel thank you God bless

  20. Madam – Your videos are very interesting and it is pleasure to hear you. I need your inputs on using Sigma 150 600 Contemporary lens with Canon M50. Further, for my coming Africa trip, will it be better to use 5D M4 with the lens or M50 would do the job. It will save me some weight if M50 does the job. My experience shows that upto ISO 800 it is good. Further, can a Fotodiox 2x TC be used with M50 and the Sigma lens and how will it effect IQ

  21. Canon crop factor is about the worst of them all although not by much.
    The crop on Fujifilm is 1.53x. Pentax is also similar.

  22. between the Viltrox and Canon adaptor which one do you recommend for shooting videos on Canon M50?

    If I own viltrox adapter SB , do I still need to buy the Canon Ef – efm adapter?

  23. Can you do a video over teleconverters? Are they good to use for wildlife photography? If you used one with the 55-200mm lens would it make the zoom farther?

  24. Can you do a video over teleconverters? Are they good to use for wildlife photography? If you used one with the 55-200mm lens would it make the zoom farther?

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