July 5, 2022

46 thoughts on “cách vẽ tranh vẽ sơn dầu”sông quê”

  1. Kahanga kahanga talaga sa taong ganito ang talent nice painting maganda ang background ilog sa gitna at nakapalibot ang mga bundok at gubat.

  2. Oi amigo tudo ok obrigado por vir ver meu trabalho super amiga super joinha Deus te abençoe que massa seu trabalho muito bom lindo amigo quadro lindo ficou top

  3. Ohmyy at first i taught it was true it looks like real you are gifted sir fullwatched Gbu keep it up goodluck

  4. You drew a beautiful picture of the mountains, thank you very nice video, promote more👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Hello gifted vblogger, you’re so creative. My sister is an artist too, few days ago she designs something for school fundraising.

  6. Hi there new friend. Thans for the support and wow the painting is so beautiful! Supporting you back as you have talent! Liked and shared for you on twitter and full view given to you. See you next time. 👍👊👏🖌

  7. fantastic! Hi new friend here! I like your vid
    it is interesting&fun. Hope you can visit me as well as I did my part already😉. Thanks.

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