January 20, 2021

Bluestar Ac’s 2019. Top 10 Reason to Buy Bluestar.

Bluestar Ac 2019. Top 10 Reason to buy Bluestar Ac in 2019 .
I Had explained all the details of Bluestar Ac 2019.

There are top 10 Reasons which i had explained .

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Bluestar Air condition

Best solar Panel In India.

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32 thoughts on “Bluestar Ac’s 2019. Top 10 Reason to Buy Bluestar.

  1. Don't buy bluestar ac. I have bought one few years ago. And I am suffering like hell. Every month AC has same problem. Exhaling hot air in the room. Gas has been refilled twice. AC becomes workable for few days then same thing happens. Even the cooler is better than AC. .

  2. Sir mera ac IC518QATX 1.5 ton hai dealer aur toll free wale isme copper condenser bol rhe hai but site pe aur flipkart pe allumineum bola h please tell isme kon sa condenser hai.

  3. Everybody talks about cooling and other features but no one talks about electricity consumption unit per night…..that should be the main point of discussion….

  4. bhai saari videos dekhli apki bt comparison btao blustar ac 1 ton 3star inverter ya carrier 1 ton 3star ac….which is best?

  5. Hello sir your videos are very helpful and knowledgeable. I request you to make a video to show which is the best AC in the market and the reason. Basically comparing AC's

  6. Self Cleaning Mode Ko details mei bataoo please. Kya iss mei ice formation Ko use karke cleaning Hoti hai … Like one in Haier models??

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