February 4, 2023

Best Web Design Apps and Alternatives for Linux

0:38 Inkscape
1:23 Gimp
2:02 Darktable
2:34 Krita
3:08 Gravit Designer

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20 thoughts on “Best Web Design Apps and Alternatives for Linux

  1. Sadly the design programs in Linux aren't still up with Adobe. It's better to set up a dual boot with Windows because when you need Adobe, you NEED Adobe.

  2. You mentioned Figma at the end and I was blown away using it tbh. Some context. It was initially an accident as my MacBook Pro went to SAV and I needed to complete a project. I am coming from Sketch and Framer. I used Figma on my desktop Linux and it went so smoothly that I might consider one day a full switch on Linux. Design tools were my main "dependencies".

  3. I'd also put BlueGriffon on that list.
    A great Dreamweaver alternative. Especially the paid version.
    And DaVinci Resolve is a great After Effects alternative.

  4. GIMP is good for editing but with a several learning curve; I use it since 2009, so now I am perfectly inside its workflow. Inkscape is different, great for "vector fun" and create logos, but it doesn't support multipage and it's hard to work with. Gravit Designer is awesome, I used it since May 2018, but now it will be a paid software, and the bugs it still has, and there are many, doesn't appeal to me to buy it. Still waiting for the perfect Open Source Design Tool, as for 3D modeling there is Blender. Blender is so damn awesome, I ask myself how is it free 🙂

  5. I love Gravit but I can't ditch Adobe for it because there're many bugs with Gravit and some features are not there yet.

  6. I don't think Linux is there yet. For a designer, it would be a huge sacrificed to switch to Linux. Gravit Designer is so unstable and just a big downgrade from Sketch, and for me at least, Gimp is still a joke. I find myself more productive using Photoshop in Wine.

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