February 8, 2023

28 thoughts on “BEST TALON WORLD vs. FAKER AKALI | 5 Solokills on Faker!

  1. Idk, I’m just a gold Kled one trick, but I think that Talon vs Akali is very one sided, but it goes either way.
    Depends on how well the akali positions themselves in order to either pick on or get picked on by talon.
    But again, I’m just a top lane Kled/rammus one trick.

  2. I feel liek the matchup favors talon but akali just hardly outscales if she manages ti get gokd farm

  3. nossa que video chato, fala demais …. fica voltando o mesmo momento varias vezes falando a mesma coisa só porque é contra o faker… credo, que video chato de assistir

  4. Bro just cuz someone is good at the game doesn't mean all their decisions are 200 IQ. Missing a cannon for harass is a pretty terrible habit.

  5. Thing ppl dk is, faker is good at macro good at skill shots but he doesnt play a champion enough to master it esp akali. In the video faker hasnt played akali enough. Usually akali baits out talon q then akali e him immediately. So even if talon uses w after q he wudnt get 3 passive stacks then akali wins the fight cuz talon wasted everything. Faker didnt play enough to know how that works, but im pretty sure he wins those right now

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