February 8, 2023

Beat Saber on a Budget (Minecraft Rhythm Game) – Synchronized

After playing Beat Saber in VR, I wondered if I could create something similar in Minecraft by dual wielding swords and hitting corresponding color flowers. It took me over 178 tries until I completed the challenge with no missed hits.

How did I make this? If people are curious I may need to make a whole separate video explaining it because there is too much to cover for a video description paragraph.

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Sweden by C418 | Caution & Crisis Remix

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42 thoughts on “Beat Saber on a Budget (Minecraft Rhythm Game) – Synchronized

  1. I'ma give you two mediocre comments for the price of one:

    1. Gets near the end press A to reconnect controller.

    2. I like this new Minecraft Hero, but I would like to see it played on "expert" difficulty.

  2. If that creeper blew up, this will be an epic fail. Creeper, aww man, you ruind it! You only have one job and just stay there!

  3. Clicker in minecraft, geometry dash in minecraft, saber in minecraft. Just add MMO RPG in minecraft, and all been excellent!

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