September 26, 2022

47 thoughts on “Athlete LOSES Landmark Legal Case, TESTOSTERONE Will Be Restricted

  1. If she's got as much testosterone in her blood as a typical male, she should be competing against males and male-to-female trans people, not cis-gendered women

  2. Heres a thought. Wrestling has weight classes, so lets remove mens and womens sports and make brackets that you compete in based on ranges of testosterone. Most bio women wouls be in the same class, most trans women and exceptional women would be in a middle bracket and most men would be in the topmost testosterone bracket. Hell it would likiely be better to have numerous brackets and not just 3 so people can all compete but only against similar opponents. No major advantage for anyone and no discrimination.

  3. well if the left wouldnt have been fighting to have men pretend to be women and compete in sports i guarantee this wouldnt have happened, The left fux everything up

  4. Hmmm… If sports categories are going to remain binary, then maybe the simplest solution is to have guidelines for determining which category, male or female, a person actually fits in—not what category a person identifies with. If the individual highlighted in this story has functional testes like a male, then maybe “she” should compete with other males.

  5. I'm all for trans rights but the honorable thing to do for any trans athlete, is to step down and out of what would be an unfair competition. This is pure selfishness and there's no honor in this when you've had the advantage of sexual dimorphism: a lifetime of testosterone coursing through your body, higher muscle mass/bone density, different metabolic responses to exercise, composition, etc…

  6. It’s became a problem when black people start winning ?? When it was a white people it wasn’t an issue and become an issue when black people join the chat!!!!! Ok.
    And She is not even a trans she is both so 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. 5:35 No Tim, not "Kenyans". Kalendjins.

    A specific ethnic group, which keeps winning long-distance running in proportions so ridiculously high, they will eventually win every significant competitive long-distance running event once professional trainers manage to ge their hands on a Kalendjin recruits.

    And yes, it's genetics. Genetics influences hormonal production, height, bone density and shape, intellect ( in-b4 "oh no, that's impossible, genetics stop at the neck!" science-denial ).

    People in polite society are now utterly incapable to register that race and sex are actual things that explain some part, most, or all of the disparities in outcomes in different aspects of life.

    The result is an increasingly unhinged, authoritarian and, ironically, opressively racist and sexist system trying to equalize outcomes by discriminating against certain people based on race and sex in prestigious activities, to the benefit of less qualified people.

  8. Simple solution: XX, XY and trans classes for every sport and competition. XX and XY based at birth for obvious reasons. Trans must have fully transitioned to compete. Problem solved. Least amount of rules.

  9. This is simple. At birth your doctor looks at your groin and notices which genital you have. They then assign you a sex.


    You can chop it off or whatever else you want but your not changing teams.

    I'll call usain bolt Jenny if he wants but that dude is still a man.

  10. Some of you all need to do your research. I see you all are talking about transgender rights and such when this person is not trans but intersex which is something completely different. Idk why that is hard to understand

  11. Discrimination SHOULD BE LEGAL if Justified..Whats wrong with that..You say its unfair to biological woman to have an unfair advantage against trans women. So then discrimination is justified if trans woman have an Insane Unfair Advantage. So if u cant discriminate for completely Logical reasons, u shouldnt take that position. You should just say its completely ok for trans women who are biologically men to compete against women unfairly..Bc when u say dont discriminate ur saying its ok for them to just dominate biological women unfairly and break records and have all this success based on false pretenses and INSANITY BASED IDEAS, like gender is SUBJECTIVE..thats insane millions of years of evolution says Gender is not Subjective. Never was, Never will Be..

  12. Tim you make no sense half the time..So they should be able to compete. Even if they have an unfair advantage. You just said the left is insane for not recognizing biological differences between men n women. So they shouldn't have to take medicine to make it a level playing field? Ur turning into Joe Rogan, the master flip flopper..

  13. If the intersex athlete wants to blame anyone, it's the SJW trans-activists. If her testosterone = men, she can compete with other men or trans

  14. Total free Testosterone of 500+ mmol/do is EXTREMELY high for women. Women are generally expected to be between 100 – 200, as a general rule. 500+ is a friggin MAN…not a woman.

  15. TRT was banned by MMA and other fighting events years ago.

    How about we do the obvious and make clear the definition of being a man/woman means that you have never been the other sex (as if you actually could be).

  16. I'm pretty sure the testosterone limit would only apply to those who are CLEARLY above the female Norm. There just needs to be a trans only competition

  17. They will say any strange thing, they will disrupt any innocent process, so long as it means they don't have to face simple logic.

  18. We are witnessing an inevitable implosion of flawed logic. The road to hell has been paved with cucked intentions. Viewership will decline and sponsors will withdraw. The fall of female sports is imminent and they won't even be able to go back to being grid girls. They soon won't have any place in televised sports at all. I have no doubt that somehow straight males will be blamed. Even if the truth is that they ruined it for themselves.

  19. Trans women regularly trounce biological women, it's almost like we're a sexually dimorphic species. Science can't be true though, must be the patriarchy's scheming.

  20. I say just give trans people the special olympics treatment. Compete in your own category because it's not fair to either yourself or others to compete in standard sports. Could even call it the special snowflake olympics.

  21. A simple solution: have equals compete against each other. Biological females against biological females, biological males against biological males, — everyone in between, according to their category against each other. No drugs, hormones, etc. Just equals competing with each other. Is there no more common sense in our society?

  22. Ugh this is terrible… On to of that African American men generate 15 to 23% more testosterone than white men I don't know if it's similar to black women but…. You can see where this can start to be an issue…

  23. Tim guessing they are very few biological women with high levels of testosterone. Guessing will only impact trans women.

  24. How about this? Keep biological woman vs biological women and men vs men? It's been like this for ages, it worked, why change it now?

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