May 22, 2022

11 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6S Plus Unboxing (Apple Certified Pre-Owned Refurbished)

  1. sry, I have difficult to buy refubs phone from USA, do u know how I can buy/import i[hone from USA from ASIAN country? did it dutiable? where I pick up my new iphone? Do I have to pay tax for it? Please, can u answer my question.. thank u lot

  2. Do you need a sim card to activate it? The whole reason for me wanting this is because I dont want to get an iphone with a phone plan because its super expensive. Plus ive never bought a phone in general like that before. And I dont get paid that much. So yeah. I also like apple and I wanted an iphone and then in the future add a prepaid or whatever in the future to it. But if you need a specific sim card(like one that isnt specific to like android type phones) then It defeats the whole purpose of me getting one of these.

  3. I tried out for my refurbished iphone 6s plus and its came just like new, have being using it for about 14 months now and still working perfect . to me i don't think there is anything wrong with Refurbished items.

  4. I just got one last month. I can say it's a very good choice. I wanted 6s plus so badly over the 7plus because of headphone jack issue, but because no brand new is available in our place, I took the risk of getting the pre-owned. The box is exactly the same. The packaging and even the accessories are complete and new. Everything is literally new. Checked the unit for any scratches. It was flawless, and the screws are really authentic, unlike the fake ones that is not a star shaped one. Have it set up, updated to the latest IOS 10.3.2, backed up my Iphone 5s files to itunes on my laptop and restored it on my new pre-owned iphone 6s plus, synched my music files from itunes and have been able to enjoy my music playlists, checked the siri, checked its warranty and service support coverage on apple website, and other sites capable of checking its authenticity using both the serial number and IMEI. Everything is successful and perfect. If you are on a budget and want a quality phone, I highly recommend a certified pre-owned iphone. At first I was skeptic. But after taking the risk of buying and testing using the abovementioned procedure, I can say, you can never go wrong with it………………………

  5. From the description, you stated that it's a refurbished one, but when i check your imei on it says that your phone is not a refurbished one. That's kind of weird :/

  6. Wow I'm impressed. I took your phone's serial number written on the box and checked it online for Apple's Service Support Coverage. It is registered and has active technical support and repairs and services coverage. I'm planning to buy a new one and somehow convinced.

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