December 3, 2020

ANNOUNCING: Canon CN-E SUMIRE PL Prime Lenses | Hands-On Review

Jake from B&H takes a look at Canon’s new SUMIRE Prime PL lenses, which really shine at filming close-up shots using wide aperture settings. The Bokeh characteristics are impressive, and skin tone has a soft, warm appearance that you don’t always achieve with other cinema primes. Check out the video for more info and footage.

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9 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING: Canon CN-E SUMIRE PL Prime Lenses | Hands-On Review

  1. I have one question sir Canon sumire is 36 X 24 mm and Canon c700 FF is 38 x 20 mm sensor really Canon sumire lense is cover completely 38 x 20 mm it will help for me if you answer thanks

  2. Not only the bokeh but the softness of the subject. I love it. Makes me wish I did video work. Almost like a, pastel quality. I don't know, that's what comes to mind.

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