October 2, 2022

Airpods PRO Unboxing

$249 Airpods Pro unboxing. The biggest wow factor for me was transparency mode – it sounds like the normal airpod experience with silicon tips which is important because you don’t want noise canceling on AT ALL TIMES.

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36 thoughts on “Airpods PRO Unboxing

  1. Actually a great point emphasizing that the snap-in ear tip mechanism means there's nothing hard inside the part that goes into your ear (at about 2:15 into the video). Thanks!

  2. I'm here because I clicked your link in Vsaus's Description. I thought this would be a GhosBuster Science video… But…. Whaaaaaattt?? 😂😂😂

  3. Idc I would rather get the AirPod 2’s idc what kinda features the AirPod pros have I’m not spending that much on airpods🤡🤡👺

  4. Would be nice to have a security lock similar to activation lock that way if it gets lost no one else can use it.

  5. Ive got 3 days with them at the gym, and walking around – and the sound is much improved over the previous generation, and the noise cancellation and transparency mode is great – BUT as a 6'2 male I have pretty average ears…and they DO NOT stay in your ears well. The silicon tip is the only thing touching your ears and must do all the "holding on"….friction if you will. The plastic part which holds the battery, speaker, etc is heavy and gravity wants to pull the pods from your ears. I tried all the included tip sizes and while the medium is best for me, they fall out constantly and I had to fish one out of the garbage disposal. The best way to get them in your ears is to push and twist a little….but eventually they will fall out again. ALSO, when it's time to reach up and squeeze the tip to pause or advance the music, the AirPods is likely to fall out due to you messing with it because the grip isn't very strong. ANOTHER odd thing that I wasn't expecting, when you put them in your ears there is no way to know if you put them in straight. A couple times I looked in the mirror and the tips were pointing different directions, and I looked like an idiot. The previous generation hung down properly. Because this is just a round silicon cup, they can be pointing in different directions without you knowing. I want to love these but the filament is nowhere near as good as the previous generation and I think they will get a TON of returns. BUT – if they fit your ear, these get a thumbs up from me.

  6. you forgot to mention the batteries can't be replaced… so in 2 years time when the battery can only hold half charge (2 hours play), you have to buy a new pair

  7. Probably need to look up the studies on EMF damage to soft tissue DNA before you plug those into your head. We often assume everything the sell us on is safe. Not the case by a long shot.

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