May 30, 2023

Adobe Products coming to Linux? | Official Response

I address if Adobe Products are coming to Linux and show the official response from Adobe. Then, I break down my opinion of it based on my 15+ years of business experience.

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35 thoughts on “Adobe Products coming to Linux? | Official Response

  1. As of today it's currently at 11,262 I hope this eventually does come to fruition, but historically speaking I don't see it happening for years if ever.

  2. Linux people: linux is the future!
    Regular people: Nope.
    The harsh reality is linux will never be mainstream because even the most noob friendly distro is very unpalatable to the average end user. Stop building linux for yourselves, the IT/coder/software enthusiast, and start building it for everyone.

  3. It's super obvious that the only reason they haven't done it is because Apple and/or Microsoft are paying them off not to. The only reason Windows has remained king is because it's too standardized. Blender 2.8 being adopted by studios may change this, though.

  4. Actually if 6500 people voted and you assume client base around that getting cheapest pack for 12 euros (lets be realistic) it gives you around 80k euros monthly. That seems way too little money for building and maintaining whole new team creating linux versions and supporting all adobe products. Having new platform also creates a lot of legacy issues, it affects future design and development of apps to other Operating systems. Sadly it looks risky and not profitable enough for Adobe.

  5. There has been pro audio companies bringing their commercial production software to linux for over 5 years. Same with the gaming industry. I’m so tired of those bullshit dinosaur excuses. They should just join the game and see where the future is headed.

  6. Adobe Lightroom is the ONLY reason I don't switch to Linux. Maybe they could just verify their apps work on a specific group of distros with WINE. I would try to match what they required. Not sure they really care that much about their customers however. 🙁

  7. as long as windows is not switching to UNIX it's not gonna happen.. BUT, with the rise of ARM i see a chance that windows might be switching to Unix so the merger between Desktop and Mobile is easier from a development point of view.. and THEN Adobe might consider developing for Linux as well, since they would have to develop for Unix in general.

  8. Newly subbed to you! I would completely change to Linux if they allowed photoshop be used in Linux. I’m an illustrator part time so photoshop is a workhorse for me.

  9. I want to switch from windows to Linux . I used open SUSE for like 2 years in school. But it was a little tough with all these commands. One day I just installed Linux mint on my laptop to test it. And it was way faster. Also, I liked to look of it . Because some people told me its like a windows interface. I don't like windows 10. Also, I don't want to share too much of my personal stuff, because windows collects why more date from me. Also, It is not that easy to get a virus on Linux, I was told from some people, because most of these viruses are made for windows desktops. That's why It seems the perfect time for me to switch to Linux.Beacuse Windows also anounced a date for no longer updates for windows 7 ,and if you still use windows 7 you have to pay for it,Thats just incredible why would I pay montly fees for windows (doesnt make any sence )I think I will do a dual boot first to learn. Then switch completely.

  10. Adobe – "It's difficult to port Adobe to Linux"
    Steam – 'Builds SteamOS (Debian based), Linux Version of Steam, Steam Proton allowing thousands of games to work on Linux with Windows file systems'

  11. It could happen. Many companies make their employees use adobe products in VMs (like amazon workspaces) that run on some version of Windows. Companies can pressuring adobe to develope a linux version so they can dump Windows VMs and save money.

  12. If Adobe would bring its software to Linux I would switch full time but untill then going to have to stick to dual booting

  13. I'll be honest, as a professional graphic designer for the last quarter century I've long lamented that I can't get Adobe on Linux … but with the move to Creative Cloud (and the shift to Software as a Service) I really don't care if Adobe ever comes to Linux anymore. I just wish the so-called "Linux alternatives to Adobe products" actually worked well enough that they could be implemented into a real corporate design environment … no Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus, etc are not viable replacements for Adobe products because Adobe has wisely integrated their products into the ENTIRE workflow systems that most commercial design environments use. This is how they've basically killed QuarkXpress, Macromedia (who they were killing before they bought them to shelve Freehand and Pagemaker) and Corel (which only survives because a bunch of plucky Canadians and South Africans still use it along with the handful of diehard sign companies in the US that are too cheap to "upgrade").

    At any rate I think we're better off directing our resources toward those that are developing the Adobe alternatives (because Gimp and Scribus could probably be eventually improved to the point where they'd be a viable alternative … I don't hold out much hope for Inkscape … oh and there's also Gravit which looks promising although they seem headed down the Software as a Service route which I detest).

  14. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on System76 pushing Pop!_OS (would also like to see it in one of your 10 days challenge). Unlike Red Hat and SUSE, their business model is selling hardware, including desktop and laptop, so their business model is aligned with making a great desktop environment.

    I think if Adobe decided to just wait for Linux desktop to gain adoption before moving to Linux, what they'll see is their product will become irrelevant at that point. By far, the most common Windows applications I heard people often said they can't live without that holds them from moving to Linux are Adobe products and games. With Linux gaming now doing so well due to Steam, the only major hold out really is just Adobe. If Linux gains wide adoption, at that point a large number of content creators that used to use Adobe products would already have moved to a workflow using applications that are available on Linux. If Adobe waits to release a Linux version until that point, it'll be too little, too late.

    It'll be just like Adobe products on Android, because they sit on their butt for too long, they are just one of the many players in photo and video editing software in Android, instead of being "the" go-to application.

  15. Too high a cost of development for such a small user base. If somebody wants to use adobe buy a Mac or PC to run it. I use Linux and PC and if I owned all of adobe there is no way I could justify development and support cost for such a small market

  16. Linux is a crazy mess of distros and desktop environments and fragmented package compatibility. And don't forget the it actually GNU/Linux guys. It's mad but great.

  17. usual excuse is "too many distributions" what is rubbish.
    Stick with one RedHat / CentOs and release on them, then let all distributions adopt to your program

  18. Too many Linux distros. And Linux users don't like to buy software. Two main reasons. Google for example could make one reliable Linux desktop system with their marketing abilities.

  19. I have used photoshope with wine on linux manjaro. Wine works on all linux distros, now manjaro is of bugs and it is laggy, I quit it and now I am using Linux Mint. Manjaro is an archlinux distributor.

  20. I think the only way Adobe would move to Linux anytime in the near future would be if they moved more of their software and processing power into the cloud. I've seen some interesting demos of real-time gaming using server rather than local gpu hardware over gigabit ethernet, and I bet Adobe could easily do the same with their creative suite so that your machine is essentially a dumb terminal running a client to connect to the actual hardware and software suite, and then that client can be tailored to Linux leaving the rest cross-platform. Adobe's already made their Creative Suite a subscription model in part because it was among the most pirated software on the planet and also to keep that upgrade money rolling in as regular monthly service payments instead of random 1 off purchases. They could do it, and with so many tablets, chrome books, and under-powered PCs that could benefit from it, they might move to that eventually. Imagine what Adobe could do with some of their AI based media editing and encoding software when the back end is a server farm and the latency for the user is so low, the feedback is real-time.

  21. Many Linux users are adverse to paying for any software and Adobe's subscription model is even less palatable on any platform. I do think a wider choice of commercial software would help Linux take off, such as Affinity Photo which is becoming a real contender for Photoshop (currently on Mac and Win). Yes, I know that Gimp 10 is rather good too and free.

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