August 9, 2022

6 Weird Ways To Increase Testosterone FAST

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45 thoughts on “6 Weird Ways To Increase Testosterone FAST

  1. The most legal video for me to really make my wish come true. This video motivated me to have sex even though I’m a teenager. Yeah, I think this is a sign. Thanks Jose!

  2. Meditate, scrape scrape scrape.
    Leg day, scrape.
    Headphones, scrape, scrape scrape.
    Your mic is rubbing on your clothes lol

  3. You lied bro!! you said it was all at no cost! you said all these tips are things we can start doing now for free! HA! well what about number six then bro!? 😉

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  5. Sleep is important however. Trying to be extremely successful it's hard to get a solid 8 hours. Your gonna get way less from time to time even with a sleep schedule. Sometimes things come up and you gotta get up and grind

  6. Step 1 – Pick the right parents
    Step 2 – Be between ages 14 to 35
    Step 3 – Don't hang around Beta males
    Step 4 – Only moderate alcohol and caffeine intake, if one chooses these drugs
    Step 5 – Underwear, not too tight.
    Step 6 – Moderate exercise
    Step 7 – Enjoy life….enjoy all foods, in moderation. (with exceptions such flax, etc)

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