August 18, 2022

5 Everyday Things That LOWER Your Testosterone!

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Testosterone drives muscle mass, sex drive, memory, beards, and feeling freaking amazing. Testosterone is awesome, unless of course you don’t have enough of it. When your testosterone takes a nosedive, bad things happen: sperm count drops, loss of muscle mass, man boobs, being tired & sluggish, and just not feeling as incredible So in this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Ollie is going over how everyday things can lower your testosterone.

Stop Lowering Your Testosterone ASAP!

Masturbation — does not lower your testosterone; however, the problem is when you CAN’T
physically masturbate or have sex. The good news is that while you deal with your testosterone, you can still maintain a happy healthy sex life (see below)

1. BPA — a plastic that leaches into liquids. Don’t microwave in plastic containers. Use glass containers instead. Also drink out of a metal water bottle

2. Hops in beer — hops have estrogen type properties like the phytoestrogens in soy

3. Bad diet — specifically processed, fried, and fatty foods

4. Lack of sleep

5. Stress — cortisol raises which depresses testosterone production


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41 thoughts on “5 Everyday Things That LOWER Your Testosterone!

  1. What are you talking in the video is very true and 100 % real life of most men, the problem is that they don't seem to understand the fact that man should have testosterone at a high level for their life to be great, from my point of view I think this is a world trend and men needs to be obedient so the "society" maintain his course. Week men create bad times while strong men create good times!
    I've been there, at the bottom of the floor cause of the society and my testosterone level was very low at 24 years, trust me it was no fun at all. Now I'm 32 and I am a better version of me at 20 and just by taking in consideration and selecting what I do with my lifestyle, what I eat, drink and how much should I stress out for challenges in life. Most of the men that are being sarcastic in their comments bellow probably don't realize in what situation they are, and how important is this aspect in a man's life. Congratulations for taking the time to remind men that we should be men!

  2. Total BS mate we live a nutrient deficient world where our food has 90% less nutrient than the food our grandparents have, so we all have very low levels of nutrient reserves in our body at base level compared to our forefathers, so sperm requires huge amounts of nutrients to be produced it basically requires every nutrient to reproduce a clone of you, so what happens when your base N level is very low? What happens the body steals the nutrients from our bone marrow then our bones, if you have a crappie diet with low nutrient foods and your wacking off all day your literally killing your self nutrient by nutrient.

  3. Day 2,546 with no fap: I have mastered the witchcraft and religion of Obeah and how to wear shirtless sleeves. Yes shirtless sleeves

  4. I dont know if this is true but i have heard that if you train your legs you actually get more testosterone i dont know something about that legs produce more testosterone please let me know if this is true

  5. Every guy should demand a hormone test every check up. They don't normally check and it'll ruin your life if you run out of testosterone.
    BTW most of the pba has been eliminated from plastics.
    Throw away the old stuff and stay away from Chinese junk.

  6. True. This guy is right, I wish I can always be more perfect. I have to just stop this by dealing with it 👍

  7. Et tu beer? When even beer betrays you at least you can rely on Alpha M. Great video as always. Thanx dude.

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