May 24, 2022

2019 Daikin Flash Inverter FTKQ15SVM4 Air Conditioner

So, this is the replacement for the LG Hercules AC that previously installed in my parents bedroom.

This Daikin operates quietly & blows nice amount of cold air. And surprisingly for a small & compact unit, this thing is pretty powerful & efficient.

Overall, for an affordable “Inverter” AC, this Daikin is pretty worth to buy.

– Comfort
– Powerful & Quiet mode
– Low Watt mode
– DC Inverter
– Wide Angle Airflow
– Super PCB

Model: FTKQ15SVM4 (indoor) & RKQ15SVM4 (outdoor)
Power Rating: 310W (180-580W)
Cooling Capacity: 5.100 Btu/h (2.400 – 6.500)
EER: 18.76
Refrigerant: R32
Production Year: 2019 1
Manufacturer: Daikin Industries Ltd. Thailand

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13 thoughts on “2019 Daikin Flash Inverter FTKQ15SVM4 Air Conditioner

  1. Permisi Greg, itu produk apakah laku? Apakah ada Blue Fin di Outdoor? Dan apakah ini tergolong Dalam Deluxe Series atau Standard

  2. Jd itu yg gadak tbl power on di remote nya pak? Tbl "mode" jg pisah²… Kalo di AC yg lain ganti mode pakai tbl "mode" di tekan 1 per 1…

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