March 22, 2023

2 ITEM JAX vs 6 ITEM JAX & Best Moments!

Today we’re gonna show you 2Jax vs.6Jax Fights. Who will win?
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44 thoughts on “2 ITEM JAX vs 6 ITEM JAX & Best Moments!

  1. People say about Jax skilled champ but Yi * funling trash champ non skill one hand man right click skill* but if you look at it the are the same but Jax more broken

  2. I mean he only gets the stacking passive for one of the blades, and then 25 ap/ad for each of them so it's understandable he loses

  3. Imagine if I had a real weapon, he means spear of shojin, jax had a real weapon but soon he will deleted.

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