January 27, 2023

10 (WORST) Foods That LOWER Testosterone!

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5 Everyday Things LOWERING Your Testosterone!
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Culinary Choices That CUT Testosterone
1. Bread

2. Pasta

3. Cheese

4. Chocolate

5. Alcohol

Dr. Michael Hurd discovered an enzyme aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen. The upside to not eating these first five foods is that they are typically the ones that make you fat. Research has also shown that by reducing your body fat percentage you can actually increase your testosterone production (and lower risk for specific diseases). By lowering body fat percentage, you can increase testosterone production.

6. Flax – it’s a lignan which binds with testosterone to be excreted from the body

7. Soy – it’s a phytoestrogen that mimics estrogen

8. Licorice – 26% drop in testosterone levels

9. Pistachios – phytosterols are the cause

10. Beer – increases cortisol which causes testosterone goes down and also contains phytoestrogens

source: https://sylvaniachristian.com

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25 thoughts on “10 (WORST) Foods That LOWER Testosterone!

  1. You are yelling or telling what to do ….hell yeah whatta telling speech ….plese stop shouting : I reduced volume alredy

  2. Damn, most non grass fed and non grass finished meats are fed soy which transfers to you when you eat it. Luckily you can buy your meat online

  3. Okay, I'm about to give my own 2 cents about this video and if no likes it, WHATEVER, also before anyone jumps down my throat about my comment I'm saying this once only, IT'S MY COMMENT.
    I'm taking this video with a pinch of salt because like any other person who also eats some of these foods I need more concrete evidence about some of these foods are a detriment to my physical well-being and health, like for an example when alpha said bread did he mean bread as a whole or just white bread and also when he said liquorice did he mean the liquorice root or liquorice candies? I personally need more of a clearer direction when it comes to your advice alpha.

  4. Red licorice is not licorice in the strict sense. There is no natural licorice in it. Eat all you want, but beware of the sugar.

  5. Out of all 10 of the foods listed in this video I only eat bread and cheese I’m too young for alcohol and beer and I hate pasta don’t care for chocolate

  6. This video literally is made for me. When he mentioned nuts I was like surely it can’t be my favourite, but oh no I was wrong pistachios 🤦‍♂️

  7. Best seeds are sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, boys. They're high in Zinc so they'll boost your testosterone and keep your immunity high too!

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