October 1, 2022

10 Signs You Have HIGH Testosterone Levels!

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Testosterone is the magical hormone that makes men super alpha! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Ollie asks if you know how what level of testosterone you have.

Clues You Are Coursing with the ‘T’
1. Long ring finger — as tall or taller than the middle finger
2. Deeper voice or more pronounced Adam’s apple
3. Acne, zits, and pimples as an adult
4. Body body hair (chest, stomach, back, butt) + full beards
5. Premature hair loss — more testosterone = more DHT
6. Strong structured jaw
7. Crazy high sex drive
8. Strong — more muscle mass
9. Wide shoulders + small waist (upside down pyramid)
10. Super freakin’ aggressive — frequently pissed off & ready to fight
Elevated Testosterone Causes THIS!?
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23 thoughts on “10 Signs You Have HIGH Testosterone Levels!

  1. It’s not about high testosterone level – it’s sensitivity to testosterone that actually matters more – that is having more receptors in the target organs to testosterone -you can have normal levels and still have many of these features because your body responds more to testosterone . In fact in some who don’t show these features , testosterone levels may be higher because the feedback mechanism in endocrine system is not sufficient due to end organ being less sensitive !

  2. Wow, then I must be an alpha Gigachad because I've got literally EVERY sign right.

    Yup. Even the premature hair loss since I am 20.

    Bane of my fucking existence.

  3. Wish I were on TRT. I used to have an insane refractory. I could f*** like 6 times in a row. Then around 20 years old I had a stroke in my left cerebellum. My f**** testosterone droped to like 170. Hardly even wake up with erections anymore. Just glad I got to experience some of that Glory. I was such a beast. 🙁

  4. On My father side they are all very hairy thick hair, even at very old age.
    But my mothers side they are all bald but very hairy.
    Hope i got my dads side in me.
    Im 27. (starting to grey)

  5. 11. Suppression of emotions
    12. Large appetite and increased hunger
    13. Low emotional intelligence
    14. Short temper
    15. High functioning autism
    16. Borderline sociopathic

  6. 1. Not really
    2. Yes
    3. Sadly yes I hate it
    4. Tell me about it I look like a gorilla
    5. Oh God please don't let that happen
    6. Definitely
    7. Yes. I hump EVERYTHING even while watching this video I had a hard on
    8. Yes
    9. Yeah
    10. Not really.

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