August 16, 2022

1 ton 3 STAR INVERTER AC – 1 महीने में कितना BILL आता है – POWER CONSUMPTION CHECK

LG 1 Ton AC Link :
16 A Power meter :
How much electricity does 1 ton Inverter AC consume? Lets check using power monitor.


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20 thoughts on “1 ton 3 STAR INVERTER AC – 1 महीने में कितना BILL आता है – POWER CONSUMPTION CHECK

  1. रात भर जग कर वीडियो बनाई है भाईजी लाइक तो मिलिगा आपको

  2. Manaa aap ka three star or five star ka review dakhaa lakin three star ka bill five star sa kam kayasaa aayaaa tell me pls wating 🤔

  3. Hello! Congratulations! You have made a video which is very informative and that too in simple language.I propose to buy 2 ac for my bedrooms since in monsoon price will be lower.I am from mumbai.How can I contact you on telephone ?

  4. How much this model. But my city is electricity problem ,
    not continue after 2 hours gone
    Plz tell me, this product efficient for me.

  5. plz make same kind of videos but on other AC like Samsung, hitachi, Mitsubishi, daiken,
    you are best in to make this kind videos all other are trying their best but they aren't ever close to you Well done bro

  6. Kindly mention room size. Month of year .and testing should b in 45,46 centigrade temp. Tab sahi pata chaly ga. Aysy tu nhi

  7. Nice Video Bro.
    1 Ton Haier Inverter AC 2019 Modal per bhe video bano bhai.
    Ager main 28 per chalta hoon tu kitna bill aye ga?
    How much a simple fan consume electricity, if you use in the same manner. (per hours Charges?)

  8. Hamne daikin ka 1.5 tonne 3 star inverter split a c lagwaya hai. Monthly bill kitna aana chahiye.Kanpur me rate app. Rs.7 per unit hai.on an average of 8 hours

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