September 28, 2022

이준기, 끝장나는 팬서비스 ‘셀카는 기본’ 《Running Man》런닝맨 EP446

Running Man 런닝맨 EP446 20160828 SBS

런닝맨 멤버들은 시민들과 함께 미션을 완성했다. 특히, 이준기는 이 와중에 투철한 팬서비스 정신을 보여 많은 이들을 기쁘게했다.

Running Man is a Korean variety show forming part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. It first aired on July 11, 2010, and as of 2015, is currently the longest-running program. The main MC of Running Man is Yoo Jae-suk and this show is the real variety show focused on funny games. It aris on every Sunday at 6:25pm.

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50 thoughts on “이준기, 끝장나는 팬서비스 ‘셀카는 기본’ 《Running Man》런닝맨 EP446

  1. Joon gi is so refreshing! His smile and eyes are adorable😍❤️ These 3 are my main top guys. They’re all so different but I’m attracted to each one of them!! 😍❤️

  2. Lee Jong gi's true personality is soo cheerful, playful and cute 😄…I feel such a unique energy 😍 from him 😄

  3. What i have noticed . . Joon ki is soo humble , and a good. Person . I realy love him soo much . . . . Well just my opinion . Respect!! , ,

  4. 0.59 oh how i wish if it was me instead of her😭 my jung gi has such a priceless smile ❤️😍 handsome, cool, so friendly with his fans.. He's 1👆in a millions 💯❤️❤️

  5. Omo… My heart bouncing back and forth,to the left to the right….!!! My #heart … #ScarletRyeo burst my heart and tears flow…. Hope for the SEASON2.. SAfe cast.. Jebal…jebal….

    #LeeJoonKihoney #Wook #Princes #Haesoo #IU they are good actors and actress all the cast …. Good drama…

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