May 31, 2023

【ENG SUB FULL】Keep Running EP.4 20170505 [ ZhejiangTV HD1080P ]

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【ENG SUB FULL】Keep Running EP.4 20170505 [ ZhejiangTV HD1080P ]

Keep Running was originally classified as an “urban action variety”; a genre of variety shows in an urban environment. The MCs and guests complete missions at a landmark to win the race. The show has since shifted to a more familiar reality-variety show concept focused on game show games.
The new season original cast members are Lu Han, Dilraba, Deng Chao, Zheng Kai, Jerry Lee, Wong Cho Lam, Chen He.

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36 thoughts on “【ENG SUB FULL】Keep Running EP.4 20170505 [ ZhejiangTV HD1080P ]

  1. #奔跑吧 #KeepRuning 【ENG SUB】EP.4 is here!
    😍【Chinese FULL】EP.4
    😍【Documentary】EP.4 #跑男来了
    😍【Comedy Serial】EP.4 #奔跑小剧场
    #Luhan #Dilireba #鹿晗 #迪丽热巴 #邓超 #李晨 #陈赫 #郑恺 #王祖蓝 #林志玲 #李沁 #唐艺昕 #蔡卓妍 #容祖儿

  2. I hope luhan and dilraba will become couples in future…..
    ❤❤❤ perfect match😍💞
    Do You agree with me?👍

  3. Ok
    All members of Keep Running really ship this cutie youngest LuBa couple together
    Luhan and Reba's handshake! My LuBa heart is melting
    I keep scrolling the comments and it turns out to be all about Luhan Dilraba
    Look how Luhan and Reba care for each other!!!!!

  4. They are so sweet specially luhan and dilireba,i can tell that they liked each other but they are just shy to expose theirselves,they are a cute couple and i guess they are fated to be together in the future,actually its normao to have a relationship with others even if luhan had a girlfriend,maybe they would split up or broke up

  5. So I couldn't read and I was in the Chinese section forever…I LOVE THIS SHOW…I've decided I have to learn Mandarin. My family moved to the US when I was 1 yr. and I have raised there all my life. I am of Haitian descent and speak French & Creole. Yes, my Dad & sister speak Mandarin (my dad's Sensei for JuJitsu was Chinese & my sister worked or the China Institute in America in NYC). However, b/c of China's heavy involvement in my home country of Haiti & the world; not to mention 7 of my cousins have relocated to different parts of China with their families (not to teach English but w/ proper careers). I think I need to learn this language. For now, I need subs as I learn.

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