February 7, 2023

✔ Minecraft – 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Zombie Pigman

These are 10 things you didn’t know about the zombie pigman in Minecraft. Ah Zombie Pigmen, *oink* ! What “Things you didn’t know about Minecraft” should I do next? Let me know in the comments! ^_^

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38 thoughts on “✔ Minecraft – 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Zombie Pigman

  1. Annother thing about zombie pigmen is
    When a mob attacks a pigmen, and you kill that mob who attack the pigmen, you will take the blame (the pigmen will attack you)

  2. So wait…
    When a pig turns into a zombie pigman,
    Do they just naturally sprout a loincloth?
    I don’t see the logic in that.

  3. The zombie pig men remove zombie word
    And pigmen the pigmen was Disturbing for players mojang Changed pigmen into zombie and Mojang maked villagger sadly.

  4. Yo Minecraft noobs I am a pro now I use to die a thounds times already I had to delete my would so many time I am armored up and weapon up and hunger up and safety up I am a Minecrafter it hard really hard playing on your own it take practice to become a pro on your own I am a experience Minecraft player you have to make lots of mistake untill you learn a inportant lesson that is never give up Lava is inportant without lava diamonds wouldn't be rare anymore that why I think lava is cool without mobs Minecraft would be to easy Minecraft teach don't look back keep going forward try and try again until you get it right for a noob to become a pro they have to be more experience and play the game more and soon they will understand the game

  5. Anthony my minecraft nametag is iDeactivateMC and i am going to try to get a tutorial to build it sorry if i spel some things wrong

  6. Theory of the zombie pig man when the villagers were said to be pig people and it didn’t actually happen and the villagers were introduced the pig villagers were sent to the nether to rot and like villagers they are nice and the pig man only are nice with out u hitting them like the villagers the villager you hit gets a bad reputation of you but when you hit a zombie pig man they no longer trust you

    Edit: they also are a zombie just like the zombie villager but the zombie pig man are nice but deadly zombie villagers

  7. 0:32
    If I place a bed and hurt a bunch of pigmans? I'm 12 years old and you're in college and I know you said that wrong
    Don't worry everyone makes mistakes 🤣

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